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THR 416W 6 credits
Performance Studies Abroad
(Stacked with NORS 616)

Intensive course for actors, directors, designers, technicians and playwrights interested in script development with the participation of international theatre professionals. Develop new scripts and performances in a multicultural environment under the supervision of a theatre faculty member. Previous faculty and student work abroad includes: Russia, Zambia, South Africa and Scandinavia.
Course requirements vary according to the project. (Prerequisite: ENGL 11X; ENGL 211X or ENGL 213X or permission of instructor.)
(3 + 9) Offered as Demand Warrants.

[ "W" -- writing intensive : samples -- bottom ]

THR 417 1-6 Credits
Internship in Theatre Practice (h)

Lul shows

THR 482 2 Credits
Dance Performance

THR 499 3 Credits
Theatre Project (h)


* Ethiopian Traditional Music

* Folk Dance Styles

* Amharic Language workshop [Dramatica Method]

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THR416 abroad

stages :

I. 2008-2009 - planning

II. 2009 Fall-Spring - Ethiopia and promotion

III. Summer 2010 -- First Summer Session, Addis Ababa



Actual credit(*) awarded is determined by the relevant department at your university in consultation with the study abroad office. Check with your study abroad adviser for more information.

course objectives:

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Practical Experience



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Approved Study Abroad courses do count toward Theatre major course requirements(*)

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UAF Abroad : THR F416—Performance Studies Abroad—6 credits [ http://www.uaf.edu/catalog/current/programs/theater.html ]


THR F417—Internship in Theatre Practice—1 – 6 credits




If you are studying abroad through a U.S. program, please be sure your course load equals a full load. (?)

If you wish to use a course abroad to fulfill the writing intensive requirement, make a formal request (?)

The university defines a writing-intensive (W) course as one in which students write at least 20 pages of finished writing over multiple assignments, usually 3 or 4 papers; instructors respond to students’ work in written comments or in conference, or both; and students have at least one opportunity to receive their instructor’s response on a draft and then revise. In other words, a writing-intensive course does more than assign writing; it guides students’ practice in writing and makes writing an integral part of the course.
Sample (Summer 2010) :

1. Project #1: Shakespeare Comedy [Taming of the Shrew] : A character analysis, journal, and critical analysis of play. The only section of this project that would need to undergo the outline, rough draft, final draft process is that critical analysis section. You would not need to revise the journal and character analysis sections. The total of the 3 sections should be 20 pages.

2. Project #2: Don Juan and Commedia Dell'arte + Performance Research Paper. This paper could take many forms, depending on what you are interested in researching. It would be a 20 page (outline, rough draft, final draft) project researching Moliere, Commedia. [This research paper would be geared toward academically prepping you for your creative work this summer in USA?]


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